The Lived Experience Circle on Homelessness (LECoH) is one of our most valuable resources as we work to end homelessness in the Central Okanagan. Its members are our knowledge bearers, our experts on the journey through and out of homelessness, and our best connection to the community of people experiencing homelessness.  

Their mission statement is, “A voice for the homeless or those at risk of homelessness, creating openness with understanding, releasing fear and judgment and initiating change.”

They have experienced homelessness personally making their perspectives essential and irreplaceable. They are at the core of everything we do.

For some LECoH members, homelessness is a distant memory but for others it is more recent or even ongoing. Some have been sustainably housed for years while others might find home in a shelter, on a friend’s couch or even outside. 

The experience of homelessness is as unique as each individual who experiences it. LECoH seeks diverse voices to sit around its table and aims to be as broadly representative as possible. Its members meet every second week to discuss issues surrounding homelessness in the Central Okanagan and to seek human-centred solutions to those issues. 

LECoH is woven into the fabric of Journey Home, with representation on our board of directors and influence over the decisions we make. It was first convened at the outset of Journey Home Strategy development and is foundational to our identity and values.